Accountability Pledge


Scientists observe the natural laws of the universe.

Researchers attempt to understand those laws.

Engineers endeavor to utilize those laws.

Only a fool tries to ignore those laws


Therefore, seek to be wise!


For every action, there is a reaction.

For every stimulus, there is a response.

For every behavior, there is a consequence.

Wisdom seeks to accomplish positive results.


To be wise: observe, understand, and utilize.


The natural laws of the universe are not optional, they cannot be altered, nor can they be broken.  As a student of this class, you will learn to observe, understand, and utilize these laws in a safe way.  To be truly wise, you must recognize and accept your complete accountability to these laws.


If you jump up, you will come down; if you touch fire, you will get burned, if you eat poison, you will die.  You do not have super powers that enable you to ignore the natural laws of the universe.  For your safety, and the safety of others, you must learn to behave wisely in a science laboratory.


Rules are NOT “meant to be broken.”  Rules are meant to remind you of natural laws, before you ignore them and are forced to suffer the consequences.  A wise person observes rules, understands why we must follow them, and utilizes their boundaries as an opportunity to be productive.


For example, one “rule of the road” is wearing a seat belt.  You can choose to follow or ignore the rule.  However, if your vehicle stops suddenly, everything, including you, will continue to “move until acted upon by a force.”  That is Newton’s Law of motion.  You cannot change that law, but your face will change as you fly through the windshield - if you foolishly did not follow the rule.


Rules are intended to preserve your life and make life more enjoyable.  They are not intended to hinder your freedoms.  Imagine playing a game where no one followed any rules.  It wouldn’t be much fun for anyone!  A wise person will embrace that concept, hopefully before it is too late.


Like it or not, we are all accountable to the natural laws of the universe.  Society, school, and science class all impose certain rules to protect you.  You will be expected to follow the rules in this room.  Choosing foolishness over wisdom will result in behavioral consequences to help protect you from the more severe physical consequences of ignoring, or worse, defying the natural laws of the universe.



Accountability Pledge:

I recognize I am accountable to the natural laws of the universe.  I hereby pledge to do my best to follow the rules of this room.  I will try my hardest to observe them, understand them, and utilize them for my good and the good of others.