Laboratory Expectations



1. The Storage Room and front of the room are off-limits at all times.

2. The center of the lab is the Safety Zone and should remain clear at all times.

3. Lab equipment, materials, or devices not being used should be left alone (air, gas, water, electric, etc.)

4. All lab equipment should be cleaned and returned as directed by lab instructor.



5. All school and classroom rules apply during lab activities.

6. Listen to and follow directions given by the lab instructor.

7. Boisterous behavior in the lab is prohibited (no running, pushing, yelling, screaming, etc.)

8. Mouths must be empty in the lab (NO food, drink, candy, gum, cough drops, etc.)



9. Skin under the tables must be covered when using chemicals/sharps (no open shoes and no shorts).

10. Avoid clothing and accessories that may present hazards (bulky sleeves, hoods, strings, jewelry, etc.).

11. Long hair must be up when working with heat, flame, chemicals, or other hazards (tie long hair up).

12. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn when instructed (goggles, aprons, gloves).



13. Avoid clutter.Minimize materials not being used.Keep your work table and floor clear of debris.

14. Learn the proper use of the lab equipment and materials.If you do not know, do not guess.

15. Chemicals should be used, stored, and disposed of properly according to the lab instructor.

16. Lab equipment, materials, or supplies should not be removed from the lab.



17. Keep your hands away from your face; and clean your hands when you are finished.

18. Clean your lab station and table when you are finished using it.Donít leave it dirty.

19. Alert the lab instructor of any health concerns you may have, such as allergies to substances.

20. Report any injuries to the lab instructor immediately, no matter how small it may seem.



Recognize, identify, and address specific safety alerts before beginning any lab activity.


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apron must be worn

electricity will be used

Image result for lab safety symbols

potential biological hazards

leg protection required

Image result for lab safety symbols

goggles must be worn

open flames present

Image result for lab safety symbols

liquid chemicals used

Image result for lab safety symbols

foot protection required

Image result for lab safety symbols

gloves must be worn

Image result for lab safety symbols

chemicals will be used

radiation exposure possible

heat gloves required


††† After reviewing this information, sign the Student Safety Contract.No student is allowed to participate in labs involving potential hazards without a signed contract.Thank you for your cooperation.

†††† Should any of these rules be broken, a Lab Safety Warning will be issued.Infractions may result in the studentís removal from the laboratory for the safety of all.Please review these guidelines with your child and emphasize the importance of adhering to them for their safety and for the safety of those around them.