Regular Routine & Grading



††††† As we settle into the study of science, here is the regular routine we follow.It is posted in the front of the room at all times.Whether your child keeps a daily planner or not, the routine remains the same.It should not take long to get used to this routine and know what is expected each day.Referring to the table of contents in the book (or the list of topics on the website) you will know exactly what is taking place in the classroom as well as what needs to be done at home.


MONDAY: Introduction to the topic; get graded quizzes back

††††††††† Homework: Get quiz signed (due on Quiz day)

††††††††† Website: Watch video links (found in topic notes)


TUESDAY: Lesson Day; take notes in class

††††††††† Homework: Complete Home Activity (due on Quiz day)

††††††††† Website: Play review game activities


WEDNESDAY: Finish Lesson; Activity

††††††††† Homework: Read (donít do) Lab Activity

††††††††† Website: Check Lesson Notes



††††††††† Homework: Study (refer to Study Guide Ė in book and online)

††††††††† Website: Take Practice Quiz


FRIDAY: Quiz Day; All Homework Due

††††††††† Homework: Complete Vocabulary (due next Quiz day)

††††††††† Website: Review next topic



PLEASE NOTE: All Homework is due on Fridays (Quiz Days).While students are taking the weekly quiz, I use the time to check their work.I try to respect the fact we all have busy schedules during the week, so I do not check homework daily.Rather, students can do their work according to their home schedules as long as it is done by Friday.


At the end of each Quiz day, I enter the grades into the online grading program.You have access to these grades 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.To help you understand the abbreviations I use, please refer to the following codes:


sQ-# = This refers to the SIGNED QUIZ of a particular topic number (the number of the topic is found in the table of contents and on the website).

VOCAB = This refers to the VOCABULARY (or Key) terms.Each week, 10 key terms need to be defined.They have time to do this after completing their weekly quiz in class.

HA = This refers to the HOME ACTIVITY which is in their book each week.It should be completed at home (perhaps with you) before Friday.

LAB = This refers to the LAB ACTIVITY which is completed in class on Lab days.They need to make sure they finish the conclusion if they do not in class.

QUIZ = This is self-explanatory.It is the grade of the weekly quiz.

XTRA = Every week students have the opportunity to earn XTRA BONUS points by completing various activities in and out of the class.

TEST = At the end of each unit of study there is a cumulative TEST based on the six topics from that marking period.

STEM = This refers to the Science Technology Engineering and Math project at the end of each marking period.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

GQP = This refers to the GOOD QUESTION POINTS earned in class throughout the marking period.

BONUS = This refers to any other BONUS points earned during the marking period.


Note: sQ, VOCAB, HA, and LAB are all worth 1 point if completed on time.QUIZ grades are based on 100% being the top score.

Please know that XTRA, STEM, GQP, and BONUS grades are ALL bonus grades that HELP the grade, never hurt it.

FYI: BONUS opportunities are plentiful and posted in the room at all times.Students are welcome, but not required, to complete bonus activities.


I hope this information helps you to not only understand how your child is performing in science class, but also become an active participant in their learning.


Thank you for taking an interest in the science program!