Prepare yourself for the quiz!  Here is a general guide for you.  Be sure to study:


1. Key Terms:  Find the first page of the topic.  You’ve defined the key terms, right?  Hide the words with a piece of paper and read the definitions.  See if you can remember the words.  Then switch.  You can do this yourself or with a study buddy.  Visit the topic on the science website.  Play the word games every day.  You can even print out flash cards for yourself.  Play the matching and concentration games; complete them quicker each time to challenge yourself.  Doing this will help you learn - while having fun.


2. Notes: Go through your notes from the topic.  Try filling in the blanks from memory.  Visit the week’s topic on the science website.  Look for the notes from class.  Anticipate the next slide before you advance it.  Were you right?  If not, try again.


3. Lab:  Look over your lab from the week.  What were you trying to figure out?  Hint: What was the problem?  How did you answer the problem?  Were there equations or questions you had to use or answer?  Did you complete everything that was required of you?


4. Review:  Watch the videos from the week and take the practice quiz – over and over again until it seems easy.  If you do these things each week, you will do very well!




Use this checklist each week to make sure you are ready.


As you complete each item, check it off the list.  Get in the habit of checking your progress each week.


___     1. Define the Key Terms using the glossary.


___     2. Read the Study Guide (above) and follow it.


___     3. Complete the Home Activity.


___     4. Complete your Lesson Notes and check them.


___     5. Complete all parts of the Lab Activity.


___     6. Use the Study Guide (above) to prepare for the quiz.


___     7. Try each weekly challenge, remember the scientist of the week, and attempt to ask “Good Questions” in class.  If time permits, complete some of the bonus questions or review a science article.  Remember, doing these things can earn you valuable bonus points each week.


If you complete this checklist each week and do your best, you can feel good about your grade - whatever it is.